B.K.V. dedicates to its clients highly experienced transaction teams with unparalleled track-records in the relevant sectors.

B.K.V. Solutions

The mission of B.K.V. is to provide a full range of world-class corporate services aimed to serve individuals and companies looking to grow and expand their business.
Delivering corporate support in more than 150 jurisdictions worldwide, our services include: 

  1. Company formation

    Set up a company in one of the most prestigious jurisdictions. Our lawyers do understand that choosing te right jurisdiction is an essential decision, which will impact business structure, taxes levied, corporate structure, nominees involved and many other things.

  2. Bank account opening

    Read about bank account opening procedure and requirements to ensure you or your company is eligible to open a certain type of bank account. Check the list of the required documents.

  3. Business model consultation

    The traditional consulting business model is based on two principle ideas: (1) hiring people (top talent if possible) and (2) charging clients a fee per hour or day for gaining access to this talent, its expertise and/or manpower. Depending on the type of consulting or the brand, the pendulum swings more towards focusing on providing, and buying on the customer side, the more sophisticated expertise or the simpler manpower.

  4. International accounting
  5. Ready-made company acquisition

    A shelf company, also sometimes called a shelf or aged corporation, is a company that has been incorporated some time ago, but was not operationally active, therefore – has been put on shelf. While a ready-made company has similar characteristics, the main difference between both is that ready-made company has been registered recently as opposed to a shelf company.