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    B.K.V. offers a great variety of global corporate services.

Company Formation

A Sample imageSet up a company in one of the most prestigious jurisdictions. Our lawyers do understand that choosing te right jurisdiction is an essential decision, which will impact business structure, taxes levied, corporate structure, nominees involved and many other things. We want our solutions to be as unqiue and flexible as possible, that is why we offer various business structures for different purposes: LLC, LP, IBC, trusts, branches, funds. Feel free to browse different companies based on such criteria as maintenance cost, prestige, tax regime, nominee availability, confidentiality protection and others.
If you want to know more regarding legal requirements in each jurisdiction (such as minimum share capital, number of shareholders and directors, bank account avilability etc.) - please contact us, as we will give you the most complete information on the incorporation of companies in each jurisdiction offered by the BKV GAV.

Shelf company

A Sample imageWe can offer you different shelf companies, depending on your needs and requirements. Most of our companies are a tailor-made package offer, which often does include VAT number, bank account and nominees. However, we may provide a company without any of the extras mentioned above as well.
Usually shelf company acquisition can be done remotely within several days, which gives it a few advantages over new incorporation. However, if you are looking for a certain business structure (holding structure, IP structure) – it is highly recommended to contact our lawyers prior to proceeding with company acquisition.

Corporate Services

A Sample imageB.K.V. GAV may provide you not only a fully operational company with a bank account, but also all corporate and business support services required, including bookkeeping. In case your offshore comapny requires legal address, document translation, setting up a virtual office or drafting a contract - our qualified lawyers may do that right for you!
Our team consists not only of lawyers, agents and banking specialists, but it also includes accountants and marketing experts. If you want to ensure that daily operations of your company are secured by a good accountant. We may also develop a marketing strategy, create a web-site with promotion campaign, in case you require an online presence of your company for different purposes.

Corporate Solutions

A Sample imageOver the span of many years of professional experience B.K.V. GAV experts have perfectly studied needs and necessities of our clients. Based on practical knowledge our corporate advisers have developed top quality tailor-made corporate solutions for convenience of our clients, as comfort of our valued customers is what we value the most.